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Each row and each column:

  • .. is unique
  • .. has an equal number of blue and orange tiles
  • .. has no more than two adjacent tiles of the same color


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Enjoy Zuzu, a binary puzzle game that tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Zuzu!
About Zuzu:
Your goal is to fill in the board using only logical determination, similar to Sudoku. Tap a tile on the board to set or change its color. Like the binary number system in general, there are only two tile colors, red (0) and blue (1). Zuzu games begin with an unfinished grid that must be filled in correctly according to three rules listed below.
Each row and each column:.. is unique.. has an equal number of red and blue tiles.. has no more than two adjacent tiles of the same color
The strategies for solving a Zuzu binary puzzle vary in complexity. Once you install the game you will find a “How to Play” section with a link to a video outlining some successful solving strategies for a binary puzzle.
Track your best and average solve times over history with our stats tracker.
You can play Zuzu by Razzle Puzzles on your phone and tablet. Enjoy online or in offline mode!
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